The Cavern Big Five

TIME: 8 hours.
DISTANCE: 18 km.
TERRAIN: Very steep at times and only done with a hotel guide. Need a head for heights as there are short climbs over boulders and the descent to Cannibal Cave is very steep.

This hike takes you up Hlolela (500 m and an approximately two-hour climb to 2127 m) via Scilla Gully, and then on to the Bridge of the Battleship. From Battleship hike down towards Venus’ Bath for tea, and then on to the top of Sugar Loaf. Then hike to the top of Cold Hill. Descend from Cold Hill via the Devil’s Staircase and Cavern Gap to Cannibal Cavern for lunch. After lunch, hike along Surprise Ridge to Camel’s Hump and then home. There are escape routes back home at several points along the route. This hike, because of the range of habitats it traverses, and the ever-changing view, offers the best chance to see eland.

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About 2000 eland roam the Drakensberg and its foothills. Roam is the correct word, which is why we don’t see them at The Cavern every day. Read more…

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  1. Dear Lisa
    Thank you for your email. Resident guests can request for this hike and it will be advertised to all guests at no extra charge.
    Alternatively, if you prefer to have a private guide, there is an extra charge of R640.
    Please contact us for further assistance.
    Kind regards

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