Top 12 Activities for Kids

Top Activities for Children

Top Activities for Kids

Cavern Crusaders in the Great Outdoors

  1. Hiking Passports

First stop before venturing into the great outdoors is the Reception where you will pick up your hiking passport! There are many shorter walks ideal for families. Backpacks for carrying younger children are available for hire from the Activities Desk. The most child-friendly walks include: The Grotto, Fan Falls, Natural Pool, May’s Falls and Top Dams. There are always a few short climbs but taking it slowly with a few rewards makes it possible for most children.

Guides carry along crunchies and juice and brew tea at the destination. Children can help

collect firewood and enjoy playing in the streams while everyone has a good rest. The route home is normally relatively quick.

  1. Pony Rides

Pony Rides are available each morning at 9:40am and afternoon at 2:40pm, Monday to Saturday and on Sunday mornings at 9:40am. Please book at the Activities Desk at least an hour before so that the pony is not let out to pasture! Parents should collect tickets and then wait at the Jungle Gym just below the front lawn. A helmet is provided by the groom and the led ride goes from the Jungle Gym towards the tennis courts and back.

Top Activities for Children
  1. Croquet, a Jungle Gym & Trampoline at the Tennis Courts

Croquet can be arranged on the top bowling green. And, a shady play area has been established next to the tennis court. This spot is ideal for little ones. There is a slide, see-saw, mini roundabout and the trampoline is a real hit!

  1. Kiddies’ Nail Treatment

A special something for little girls – visit the Spa Reception and have nails painted a pretty colour.
Please book in advance with the Spa.

  1. Picnic at the Natural Pool or Cowslip Falls Dam

Children love exploring. These short walks are ideal for the family. Order packed lunches the night before. Collect them from the Activities Desk before departing. Spend time splashing in the water, looking for crabs or racing wooden “boats”. Enjoy sandwiches, fruit, cheese & biscuits and juice in the shade before returning home.

  1. Canoeing on Darter Dam

Oars and life jackets are available at the Activities Desk. Walk down to the dam via the swimming pool and race across Darter Dam. Look out for the fish swimming below. If you’re quiet you may see the kingfisher. Try and make your own floating raft – you need two water bottles, three bamboo sticks (look near the tractor) and 2 elastic bands (pop into Reception). A large arum leaf will work well as a sail.

  1. Fishing at Charleswood Dam

Charleswood Dam is next to the tennis courts. Hire rods from the Activities Desk.

Top Activities for Children
  1. Afternoon Activity @ 3pm Monday to Saturday

Watch the notice board daily. We will meet you at the playroom for an hour of fun! Your children will be kept amused by creating their own pet rock, building Jelly-tot structures or racing around about on the scavenger hunt or nature challenge. Kiddies 4 & younger may need an adult on some activities which venture further afield.

  1. Swimming Pool & Slippery Slide

Don’t miss the slippery slide in the summer. There is also a separate kiddies’ pool for the tiny tots.

Top Activities for Children
  1. Paddle your feet in the Putterill Stream

Walk down the drive-way to the petrol bowser and behind the 201-203 block towards the Fern Forest. After 5 minutes you will come across a bridge crossing the Putterill’s Stream. Don’t cross the bridge, but walk to the river where children can paddle and play for ages.

Top Activities for Children
  1. The Nature Trail

Walk down the drive-way towards the 70’s block to the large gum tree stump. The Nature Trail starts here. There are information boards which explain many interesting facts about the birds and plants found at The Cavern.

  1. Face Painting – Don’t miss this!

Wednesday & Sunday 13H00 to 14H00 – just outside the playroom.

A nominal charge applies to certain activities.

Top Activities for Children

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    1. Megan Carte Bedingham

      Hi Laura
      Our swimming pool is open 24-7. There is limited lighting at night so it is important to be cautious but some people do love a late night swim.
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  1. Hi… i would like to do a day visit with my wife and two kids during this festive season.

    We want to play tennis, swiming pool and chill having a good time, then we go back home later.

    How much will be all that?

    1. Megan Carte Bedingham

      Dear Jackson
      Thank you for your enquiry. Regrettably, during our peak season we are closed to day visitors as the Resort is at capacity.
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