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The recently published Cavern Entertainment and Hikes Guide lists 68 trees found on Cavern Territory. This merely represents what has been found so far, mainly along the regular trails. On a recent walk on the circular Fern Forest Trail another five species were added: Casearia gladiiformis, Clerodendrum glabrum, Maytenus acuminata, Olea capensis and Scolopia zeyheri.

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Cavern Berg Resort Flower List

The fantastic array of beautiful mountain flowers found in the Drakensberg on The Cavern nature reserve is far too numerous to detail here. Suffice to say the diversity will enthral any keen botanist, from a dazzling sweep of blue Scilla natalensis to the flagrant display of Barleria monticola; the nodding daisies of Callilepsis laureola and […]

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