Day 15 – Policeman’s Helmet

40 days ~ 40 hikes ~ Walking 4 Education

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand. – Albert Einstein

It may be Autumn and it is the month of May but oh my word, it was hot today! We began our walk at the Thendele Car Park in the Royal Natal National Park. From this spot there is the most magnificent view of the Amphitheatre, the landmark of the Northern Drakensberg.

We hiked along the Tugela Gorge path for a short distance before heading right up the hill towards the Thendele Camp. The path then heads in the direction of the Devil’s Hook Valley for a short distance before splitting again. We then went into the Vemvaan Valley to the left. Vemvane is butterfly in Zulu and we saw plenty of them fluttering around, the most beautiful being a beautiful purple and blue. Unfortunately far too quick to photograph!

The path climbs gently to begin with and then it becomes rather a pull but taking it slowly means that most folk should manage this walk. Just beneath the base of the cliff we walked to the left and headed on towards the Policeman’s Helmet. The views in this valley are gorgeous. You look up towards the Sentinel and then across at the Dooley Cliffs and at times the thick grasses looked almost velvety.

After another short steep section and a little ladder we reached our destination. We are all tea lovers so we sat down, enjoyed a little time in the shade beneath the monstrosity of rock, discussing that if it should one day fall it it would be rather devastating!

We headed home along the same path but turning around brings a whole different outlook. A lovely walk and definitely a place we’d like to return to and probably do a bit more exploring up the Vemvaan Valley.

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A summary of the progress so far…

DayDestinationDistance KMGain M
2Cannibal Cavern7.75475
3Natural Pool2.7287
4Echo Cave5.63321
7Mahai Valley11.76143
8Back to Cavern14.96477
9Jackal Hill7.28206
10Top Dams3.07106
11Sungubala Challenge14.21809
13Park Grotto19.27853
14Camels Hump8.11374
15Policemans Helmet12.34511

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