DAY 1 – Slow & Steady to Sugar Loaf

The 40 Series ~ 40 days ~ 40 hikes ~ Walking 4 Education

Our first hike set off on the most perfect day. Our party of 15 assembled on the lawn at around 9:15am and headed off for the little pimple on the skyline, Sugar Loaf.

Hiking for 40 days was always going to be a challenge but the greater challenge is definitely taking the children and older dogs along. Tired legs, hot bodies, aching joints and little moans result in us all having to dig deep! We encouraged, we chatted, we bribed with sweets and eventually we made our way through the gap. The dogs then became the challenge. Focusing on the dogs meant the children pranced up the last section easily. Daisy-dog is almost 10 and even before we hit the rocky section she began to whimper and cry. Thanks to able bodied husbands the dogs were lifted through. I am sure this may be Daisy’s last summit of Sugar Loaf – so glad to have shared it with her!!

A really special part of the walk was having our folks in the party. As we descended Sugar Loaf, the old man, Peter, wanted to point out a few things. In the good old days, hikers were more adventurous and I remember many a special hike being taken off the beaten track and bundu-basshing behind our fathers (Peter & Ant) to a secluded spot. They were always so enthusiastic about climbing and somehow I don’t think they heard our moans and groans…. Anyway the deviation from the path actually gave me that warm fuzzy feeling when you remember wonderful things of old… Peter pointed out the top of Mills Gap (which we will definitely do sometime in our #40days), the old Cavern mudslide and the hole in the wall at Sugar Loaf Gap. We passed the spot where the Fulton plaques once were. There are many special places and people who have hiked this little berg flat. What a privilege it is to share it…

Homeward bound and the rock rabbits made their way down swiftly whilst others had to watch the knees and the joints but the highlight was certainly a quick dip in the Top Dam before returning for a scrumptious lunch. It certainly was refreshing!

What a wonderful way to start the Series. Pristine weather, excellent company and a few more happy memories made…

Here’s to the next 39!

Today’s quote ~ Adopted by our school, Royal Drakensberg Primary:
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world ~ Nelson Mandela

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