Day 13 – Spectacularly Beautiful at the Park Grotto

40 Days – 40 Hikes – Walking 4 Education

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. ~ Confucius

We were a bit late getting going but managed to head off just before 9. We headed up past Cowslip Falls, Pascoe’s Pool on to the top of Surprise Ridge. Today was a tad hazy but the settled weather makes this the best time for hiking in the Drakensberg.

We knew the path would be a little overgrown and we had our old man with weary, achy joints so it was decided that there’d be a couple of horses escorting us on this hike.

We made great progress along the contour path and quickly approached our tea spot. But it was after tea when things went slightly array. One horse refused, point blank, to cross the river. Our guide chose to stay behind with 4-legged stubborn Sam.

We then zig-zagged up below Castle Rocks and contoured around to the Grotto. And then the adventure of rediscovery began. We found the Serpentine, the Shell and after a tasty lunch we bundu-bashed our way up, up, through the forest. And there we discovered the Hole-in-the-Wall… Exciting stuff! This is a great little spot to squeeze through and then climb up & out for a round-trip home. What a find!

But we had horses in tow and our party had split in two so we descended and regrouped. And then there was the long trek back and I am not sure if it was the afternoon light, or the tired limbs, or the lack of concentration but there was quite a lot of tripping and tumbling!

Another sterling day. And definitely a great hike with a few special spots that must be explored!

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An update to our progress…

DayDestinationDistance KMGain M
2Cannibal Cavern7.75475
3Natural Pool2.7287
4Echo Cave5.63321
7Mahai Valley11.76143
8Back to Cavern14.96477
9Jackal Hill7.28206
10Top Dams3.07106
11Sungubala Challenge14.21809
13Park Grotto19.27853

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