Preparing to walk

Planning for 40 days requires a lot of thought. How fit will I need to be? Will my good old trusted boots do the trick? And what food would be the most nutritious and energy enhancing?

Food is a big one. I associate food with happiness, family and good times. It is no wonder that it has been a constant battle! But my happy moments are normally around a table sharing food & wine & many laughs. Will a GI sandwich suffice for 40-days?

Exercise on the other hand has always been hard work. We have tried to run a bit and this is my “getting fit” regime right now.. Unfortunately more miles results in a greater appetite! And copious glasses of water & rooibos just don’t seem to do the trick!

If we don’t get the food or the exercise right then perhaps the focus must shift. The hiking attire. Many a Dutch, German and British tourist flock to the Drakensberg. They are always meticulous. Kitted from head to toe in different shades of khaki. In many instances in life the more you look the part the more likely you are of getting it!

So our hikes are planned. In the very broad sense. Nothing is set in stone. And bad weather, ailing bodies or children may makes us change a thing or two….

But, we will go! In different shades if khaki, relying on muscle memory with the hope the fitness builds, and trying our best to snack a little less & celebrate our days in the great outdoors!

Here’s to 40 days!

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