Two more rarities

TWO! more rarities at The Cavern on consecutive days

Grey-headed Kingfisher

This is a tropical migrant, rare in South Africa, and “confined” to the Kruger Park, with a couple of records in northern Zululand. Imagine the surprise when one appeared on the bare branches of the big gums not 60 metres from the hotel. It is brilliantly coloured and could not be mistaken for anything else. It arrived at the most opportune time, with lots of birding visitors here for the BirdLife Flock Festivities. It stayed for two days (perhaps it is still present?), and many photos were taken.

Southern Tchagra

This bird is resident in KZN, but has so far been seen only in the Midlands and at the coast. So it’s another first for the Drakensberg. Although not notably rare it is very unobtrusive and difficult to find. Usually it is confined to wooded habitats and forest edge, but this one was calling for ages from the top of a solitary opslag pecan tree in the grassland near Duiker Dam.

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