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I have just returned from a weekend in the Pongola Nature Reserve and I have made 3 important observations.

Weekends away are important. Towards the end of 2017 I had over-subscribed myself completely. I was trying to sit on committees, attempting to run extra activities, take care of one dear old lady, be a mom to 3 and a wife to 1. Not to mention a little business and a small school. It was ridiculous and it was a wise brother who sent me a book which made me realise that I needed to do less and take time to rest. We all need time away and scheduling something for oneself is not a selfish or trivial idea. Why do we battle with the guilt of being still?

Weekends shared with friends restore the body, soul and mind. Escaping with our “wine ladies” is fabulous. We aren’t terribly active but we do like doing a few sedentary things. This weekend we cruised on the Jozini Dam and took gentle rides through the game reserve. We span 20 years in age but the laughs and chats and fabulous meals make it a proper restoration…. A cold I was harbouring for 2 weeks suddenly dissipated.

Weekends need to be planned. There were a million reasons why I could have cancelled. Children in a million directions, rooms being refurbished, work unfinished (does it ever end?) but once the plan is in the diary it is about making all the other things work around it. We will always be too busy, we will always have an excuse, we can always opt out but we shouldn’t. We need to get away.

So, when you get that new 2019 Diary. Be sure to plan a getaway. Be it yoga or birding or painting or trail running. Know it is important and remember it restores your whole being.
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2 thoughts on “Plan in 2019 – Activities Calendar”

  1. Jason De Swardt

    Quite right, there is never a right time or a wrong time…just time, the most important thing we have on this earth to give and receive. Think of you guys often always take a peek to see how you’re all doing.

    1. Megan Carte Bedingham

      Thanks Jason. Just time… We do have to plan and make things happen.
      All so well here. Enjoying the most brilliant day today – we did a little jog through the hills and it has been spectacular.
      Take care and love to your family.

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