Market Day

In a rural community in the northern parts of the Drakensberg is a vibrant community and home to our Khanyisela Project and Royal Drakensberg Primary School. We share our interactions on social media and we have been part of the Pack for a Purpose initiative for approximately 5 years.

Our mission is to impact the children from this area, ensuring they have the very best start possible. We are packed with purpose and what creates the waves of positive change are all the people and organizations that rally around us to prop us up, to support, to give and to encourage.

This past weekend we held our annual Market Day at Royal Drakensberg Primary. It’s an opportunity for the children to learn a little bit about money and a chance for some real Market fun!

Many Cavern guests arrive with lightly used clothing, wonderful books and toys and we selected a few key items for this year’s Market Day. We are continuously refurbishing our hotel and we also put a few mirrors, cushions, pictures and jars aside for this special sale. What is wonderful is that items are able to be distributed to the community at very low prices and the additional funds are then worked back into the project for further improvements.

Drakensberg Spring weather is best described as sparkly! It just shines and Market Day was one of those magical days. The sun rose, the children were in high spirits and the parents and supporters were fabulous participants. There were games and ice cream, we drank tea and ate cake and we shopped until we dropped!

The veggie stall was a hit, goods flew out of the Royal Rack of lightly-used goodies while the children had their faces painted, used up boundless energy on the jumping castle and even fitted in a pony ride or 3.

These small occasions take much effort and commitment but they also draw a community together. They are made possible by the generosity of many and we remain indebted to all those who ‘Pack for a Purpose’ as we live out our purpose in the Drakensberg.

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