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Marvellous May was always a peaceful, serene time of the year. That was until we started a school which needed massive fundraising so that we could provide a quality start to the little people… how things have changed. The worst part is that I keep wishing the weeks away. Once this is over, it will be so much easier. Once this is done, I’ll have more time. Once we’ve completed this, I’ll be less worried, less stressed, more fun….

This past week I have also had the chance to sit and listen carefully to my cousin, Loretta’s, wise words. The family gathered on Monday to celebrate our Uncle Anthony’s 70th birthday. 70 is a milestone and it was special to have the 7 cousins from the 2nd generation gather, our Uncle David gazing from his heavenly seat, but our dear Aunty Monique being there for their family. They were known as the Secret 7; 3 Carr siblings and 4 Carte cousins and they were an exceptionally mischievous bunch. What fun to listen to the stories of the olden days!

We had a finger lunch on the Montusi patio and this was following a great horse riding expedition. The aunts and uncles, most over 70, on horseback and riding with our Uncle Ant. What a treasured time.
That’s the thing that Loretta was trying to make us see. Not wishing the days away to be older or wiser or wishing they weren’t racing by so quickly but taking time to be present. Enjoying the moment. Life is full of trials and tribulations and our Uncle Ant and his darling Jean have had to work hard over the past 2 years following his MTB accident but for that horse riding moment and that lunch moment and that laughing moment we could all celebrate and count our incredible blessings.

I love watching TED talks and recently enjoyed one about longevity. It’s interesting that the close relationships and the social interactions do much in keeping us going and keeping us positive about the future. And, in this Cavern-Montusi valley we aren’t short of either of these.

So when I head to the Mother City this weekend I am going to try and keep my chin up and do my best to present to the Investment gurus. I am not going to let the anxiety cloud the day and I am going to be grateful for the friendships and the supports that prop me up.

Thanks Lolly for those wise words. Just what I needed to hear this week.

2 thoughts on “Live the moment”

  1. Chantal Sargent

    Such wise words Megan- has really perked me up! Yes, my motto has always been, ‘Enjoy every moment!’ I’m so lucky to have been afforded amazing encounters and experiences, at the Cavern and elsewhere in many parts of the workd. It seems like yesterday, that Loretta was a baby, sitting on the floor with Jean, in the old lounge. How time flies! Life can suddenly have an about turn… I agree- be positive and happy, and always thankful. Don’t regret a thing.
    Love to you all.

    1. Megan Carte Bedingham

      Thanks Chantal! We all need reminders from time to time! So important to stop and reflect and be thankful. Many, many blessings even in times of adversity and hardship. Much love to you all too!

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