Drakensberg Brown Hyaena

Whilst staying at accommodation in the Drakensberg you are normally blissfully unaware of the nocturnal animals roaming the veld and indigenous Drakensberg forests. The Cavern is an ideal place in the Drakensberg to get to meet some of our nocturnal friends. Recently we have placed some cameras in our Fern Forest. Despite having been living in the area for over 60 years we were astonished to discover Brown Hyaenas living in our Drakensberg Mountains.

Brown Hyaenas are expanding their range from the drier West, and have now reached the Drakensberg. Being nocturnal, and with a territory of at least 20 square kilometres, they are rarely seen. However, droppings easily identify their presence. They resemble those of a very large dog, but are snow white, glistening when fresh, drying out to resemble hard balls of chalk. The colour is due to a diet of bones, supplemented with small vertebrates, insects and fruit. Brown Hyaenas rarely kill large prey. Although seen singly when foraging, each hyaena shares the territory with up to five others. All are loosely related and share the duty of raising cubs.

Next time whilst visiting The Cavern and walking in our beautiful Drakensberg, be sure to keep an eye out for our elusive Drakensberg Brown Hyaena.

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