#5hikes4education Day 1

I have been totally over committed just recently… I know a simple ‘no’ is all it takes but I can’t seem to get this right. Thankfully I landed up in the Michaelhouse chapel on Sunday morning and in this beautiful space, while listening to singing by Audrey Mbuyazi and friends, I was able to calm my anxiety about the upcoming week.

I’d declared to the world that I’d do 5 hikes for education. This is our 5th year of #Big5Hike and so it seemed like a very clever plan. When things are far off they always seem pretty realistic and sensible. I had also committed to raising R50000!

So this morning after checking in on my girls and leaving them in the capable hands of Gogo I drove home. Quick breakfast at 8:30 and then we hit the mountain at 9am. Hike 1 was a Big5Hike. It was incredibly misty as we headed off.

All the worries that consume my mind kept creeping in and hassling me. What if it was too misty? What about that scary point on the nose of Hlolela? What about a storm later? Lose rocks in Cavern Gap?

But it’s true and real that walking in the mountains stills the mind. One step, a few steep climbs and the solutions are there. We’ll head back down Sugar Loaf Gap if it gets dangerous. Hide from the bolts if necessary. And, my incredible support comes from one husband and a sister. They are there helping action all the daft ideas… and they are there to hold my hand up the scary bits and steady me down the hard sections. I am forever grateful!

So we did it. Big5Hike. My PB in just 5h35… not that we were racing but I was trying to keep up with one Gazelle & a Giraffe. My knees are feeling knackered but heart is happy and I’m ready for Day 2. Tomorrow we are doing a Little5Hike. Still a good pull but certainly a bit less effort than today.

As Audrey reminded me in that quiet space on Sunday, each journey begins with a step… we’re stepping out for education this week!

10 thoughts on “#5hikes4education Day 1”

  1. My dear cousin!
    I’m so proud of your efforts and daft ideas and so so thankful for you and all the people we have around us. That one husband and that one sister. They are so precious too.
    Thank you for leading us on the journey to build our school into its own sustainable thing.
    Love x five,

    1. Megan Carte Bedingham

      Linds, it takes a whole family and much commitment to make this all happen. It’s everyone propping it all up! But, aren’t we lucky to have the support of this great team! And, GOOD LUCK for 2 Big5Hikes on Saturday. That is really daft! xxx

  2. Well done you three – you fit and strong people! That is excellent! So glad you are doing this again xx

    1. Megan Carte Bedingham

      Oh Ke! Fit and strong for 2 days but the winter bugs have found me today! Hilton and Les are out and I am in the office doing Admin. But, probably just as well. Not sure when I would get it all done otherwise!

      1. Oh no my friend 🙁 It’s that time of year – the start of the chilly season sure does bring on the winter bugs. So sorry you can’t join H and L. But best you rug up and give yourself some time to recover. [Although, I know you don’t know the meaning of SLOW DOWN!] Seriously, take it easy. Your health is more important xx

        1. Megan Carte Bedingham

          Yip! Have to be a grown up and make the right choice. Have managed to do some very NB admin so all good!

  3. Marysia and David

    Oh sooo wonderfully well done especially when there’s all that stuff in your head . And well done Lesley and Hilton for being by your side and doing their bit too ! A great threesome ❤️

    1. Megan Carte Bedingham

      Thanks Marysia & David. Lovely having the support all the way from Scotland! We’re going to miss you on the mountain on Saturday. No special hats!

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