Vemvaan Valley

The Gorge car park is the starting point. Initially follow the path to The Gorge. Take the sign-posted path towards Devil’s Hoek Valley. After a further 1.6 km a path branches to the left, leading across a stream just below a forest and into Vemvaan Valley. After crossing a second stream the path, now less clear, leads to the head of the valley and open ground beyond.
This is a good chance to scramble up to the Policeman’s Helmet. This is a remarkable example of a hard stratum capping an undercut softer stratum. Eventually it will fall, and the sandstone slab will roll down the valley slope as so many other sandstone boulders have done before. Close by is the very rare, and only recently discovered Protea nubigena. This may well be the only population in the world, making it probably the rarest of all proteas.
Return the same way. >From Thendele camp there is a more direct route to Vemvaan Valley; one hour each way.

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