The Tragedy of the Common Space

Recently we decided that it was time to garner support and look at filling the potholes on the small district road to the Cavern. The D119, our access. We reached out to the other establishments and businesses in the area to see who else might raise their hand and contribute and we were so grateful for the solid support.

Thank you to:

  • Sungubala
  • The Ledges
  • The du Toits
  • Alpine Heath
  • Montusi Lodge
  • All Out Adventures
  • Hlalanathi
  • And the Caveney & Hallier families

We have almost completed 10kms of road, loaded 25 tonnes of tar from Pietermaritzburg, and spent well over 1000 man-hours to get the job done. This Northern berg community came together to build and preserve.

But this should be done by Government say some.

  • The pothole in front of my house.
  • The long grass on my verge.
  • The litter in my street.

Not my problem?

Imagine, if each of us did just one extra task to help our communities. Imagine if we helped clean the verges, contributed to filling a pothole, and lent a hand so that we ultimately all benefit?

If there was ever a time for active citizenry, it’s now!

We have been fortunate to have children schooled in the Midlands and we have seen the work of Love Notties and Love Howick. Ultimately, we need a Love Drakensberg! There many hurdles in trying to get people on-board and to educate communities about waste management and more but if;

I do.
You do.
And we all do…

What might we achieve?

A couple of weeks ago I was told to imagine our community in 10 years. What would it look like? I saw clean. I saw beautiful. I saw prosperity.

I have hope. Let’s not lose that when the challenges seem enormous and the days seem long and hard.

Join hands. We are indeed stronger together. Didn’t we just see that?

Look critically at where you can make a difference and get your hands dirty. It’s so worth it in the long run.

PS – my secret wish is for every farmer and community member to help clean the verges of the R74 so that visitors to our area might be blown away by the litter-free approach and want to spend time in the Drakensberg! And from this we will all benefit….

2 thoughts on “The Tragedy of the Common Space”

  1. Wow! Megan for President I say!
    Well done for your incredible vision and tenacity. Hopefully the ‘Government’ learns a thing or 2 from you and your amazing Community

    1. Megan Carte Bedingham

      Hello Chantal! So lovely to hear from you!
      Truth is, we can do so much when we are surrounded by incredible support!
      We have much of that here in the mountains!!
      Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas time!
      Much love from all the Cavernites x

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