GRADE: S (Or E if taking the round route).
TIME: 2 hours. (Or 3 hours round route).
DISTANCE: 5 km return. (8 km round trip).
TERRAIN: Easy path. (Undulating with a few steep parts on the round trip).

Take the campsite road from the casual car park (only campsite residents may take their car beyond this point). Walk along the road past the campsite. This joins the path to the Queen’s causeway and the Cascades. The arch over the river was built in 1947 for the visit by King George VI and his family. From there a good path leads to McKinlay’s Pool where the Gudu stream meets the Mahai. To make a round trip, although the going is very steep, take the path from the boulders near McKinlay’s Pool up towards Dooley. It joins the Tiger Falls-Gudu Bush path. Return via Tiger Falls or Gudu Bush.

5 thoughts on “The Cascades

  1. Hi,

    We are hoping to plan a trip this weekend and I’m just wondering if the Cascades has water. And if not, would you maybe have a suggestion as to what a better alternative would be (close to the Ladysmith area)

    Thank you in advance 🙂

    1. Dear Michelle

      Many thanks for enquiry.

      The best place to visist is the Royal Natal National Park, where you can do a walk to the Cascades.

      We have had some rain the past couple of days so the cascades should have water.

      Kind Regards,


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