The Bishop’s Inkaba

TIME: 3 hours.
TERRAIN: Steep climb to the top of rustlers gap. Steep descent on the return trip.

Starting from the front lawn, proceed down the driveway. Before the petrol pump, turn left behind the building and follow the path into the Fern Forest. After the bridge keep left. Follow the path and continue along the Echo Cave route. On exiting the forest keep right and proceed up the steep slope to Rustlers Gap.

After Rustlers Gap, the path continues towards Echo Cave and Ace of Clubs. Not far after Rustlers Gap, keep right and follow the contour into Sungubala Valley. The path follows a contour for about 1.2km to the Bishop’s Inkaba. Here you find a waterfall with little more than a trickle. At the foot of the waterfall is a gorgeous pool in which to take a dip in the Summer. This is the Bishops Inkaba (belly button).

Return along the same path. After less than a km keep left, closer to the Sungubala Valley. This path descends into the Sungubala Valley, and you join the jeep track for a short distance. After the gate, keep right and follow the path to where it joins the jeep track again. After crossing the bridge over the small stream, look for a path on the right hand side of the road. Follow the path back towards the Cavern over Bushbuck Ridge. This path enters the Fern Forest at the top, and you descend to the path you used earlier. Make your way back along this route.

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