It’s A Great Da(Y)Ne

Oliver Wendall Holmes Sr put it so eloquently when he said: “The morning cup of coffee has an exhilaration about it which the cheering influence of the afternoon or evening cup of tea cannot be expected to reproduce.

We at The Cavern, purchase as local as possible and welcome suppliers who craft magical potions that keep us alert during the day! Especially coffee! Terbodore Coffee, straight out of the KZN Midlands with their Great Dane emblem, speaks our language. Their creative brand, passion for their customer and shared love for dogs, is why they are on our hot drinks menu at The Cavern.

Without a doubt, our families top 3 social lubricants include coffee. We especially enjoy our post-lunch favoured coffee mug out on the front lawn. The lawn is inevitably occupied by a few of our lazy hounds exhausted from their morning mountain walk. And the coffee sessions under the umbrella extends our much-valued family time of debate or easy conversation.

How many cups of coffee do you survive on a day? More than one?
Get Entering. Terbodore is sharing the March Giveaway love by giving away 2x 250gram bags of speciality Terbodore coffee and a Terbodore tin mug.

Whats Coffee Got To Do With It?

2004 saw the Macaskill family creating their first Terbodore coffee batch. With humble beginnings in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, the brand soon grew and today is a household favourite. You will find the Macaskill family still operating and managing the Terbodore brand today.

Imported Arabica beans from 13 different countries are roasted, blended and flavoured on-site to create the Terbodore range of coffees. Check out their website for your favoured blend.

We Are The Sultan Of Coffee

Sultan, the beautiful Great Dane, always found lazing the floors of the Curry Post roastery, became the brand ambassador about ten years back. You will see Sultans signature picture on all our Terbodore products. (All online orders have the option to donate to the Great Dane Rescue of South Africa)

Name Of The Game

The founder of the company, Marian Macaskill, grew up on a farm in Worcester. And the name Terbodore was created from three much-loved old family members: Tercy, Boy and Dorita.

Coffee Sales Speak Community Sustainability

The Great Dane and This is Africa are both treasured amongst our followers. And now, Revival, a new blend, supports local community initiatives through its sales.

Did you know Terbodore coffee capsules are compostable?
What-a-win for our environment.

Hit The Road …

You can find Terbordore Roasteries in Curry’s Post, KZN Midlands and Franschoek in the Western Cape. PLUS Kloof Street, Cape Town. Look out for Terbodore in your local South African supermarket. Overseas visitors are not left out; Singapore, Qatar, UAE, Germany, UK, Ireland, USA and Canada appreciate the aromas of Terbodore in their countries too.

Support local with The Cavern and enjoy your next brew on us by entering and winning the Terbodore giveaway!

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