Building Strength Through Solid Friendships

Our Northern Drakensberg valley is such a treat to live-in. We pinch ourselves each day; we have the freedom to hike the mountains, swim in the natural pools and run the trails at any moment. It truly is glorious.

Three generations have thrived in this Northern Berg valley. Each generation has brought a unique offering that has contributed to the success of what The Cavern is today. But the one attribute that rings true of each generation, is the strength of solid relationships. From the beginning, we have surrounded ourselves with special friends. And have often called on the talents of family and friends to assist us where needed. Notably, in the early days our swimming pool, tennis court and bowling green were all built by a regular Cavernite and fellow guests.

Today we introduce our friend who has brought joy, calm and some much-needed muscle and mental strength to The Cavern.

Introducing Helen Weaver

Helen began practising yoga seriously in 2000, and in 2004 started teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa and Bikram Yoga. Helen says that the beauty of yoga is that it is forgiving and inclusive. A total beginner can do the very same class that challenges an experienced yogi. It is all about finding and trusting and pushing your very own limits, for you, for that day.

Not only does Helen practice and instruct yoga, but her brand also includes motivational speaker, online mentor, writer, radio personality for Radio Life & Style, freediving instructor, and Helens Yoga clothing label HG Yoga Everywhere.

Helen On The Cavern

Helen tells us why she enjoys laying her yoga mat at The Cavern.
‘It’s a very unique and special environment. The Cavern is such a warm and welcoming place to visit. Classes are offered to ALL who are visiting the Cavern. And for this reason, I have had the privilege of teaching people that have never considered yoga before. Watching their ideas and impressions of yoga dissolve as they start to see what THEY can do… what they are capable of. It’s such a treat to teach old and young, newbie and experienced yogi… and each class is just a fun exploration of what is possible’.

Sold For Life

We have started with Helen’s lessons two years ago it is so great that we have gone back every year and already booked for November sold for life
Louwrens Erasmus

What I appreciate the most of Helen’s lessons is the fact that she challenges you to be the best that you can be and then you realize that the body is an instrument that can be changed for the improvement of physical and psychological benefits.
Andresia Erasmus

Watch This Space

You can invite Helen to your own home virtually! Yes, Helen is currently finishing up with production on six yoga lesson videos. Alternately, should you be living or visiting the North Coast, you can book a class at Helens Ballito studio through Liquid Yoga.

Follow Helen on Instagram to view Helens inspirational daily yoga poses.

Head on over to our Activities calendar to book your yoga date with Helen at The Cavern.

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