It’s a celebration!

Dear Hikers, Supporters, Corporates and Cavernites

In 2019 we will host our 5th of 10 Big5Hikes at The Cavern. As a family we have committed to 10 years of free accommodation and meals in an endeavour to prop up our education projects so that they have a good chance of continuing in the future.

This means we are on the plateaux and about to begin the slide to the very final hike which will happen in 2023! Plateaus are never very exciting places to be. Life can get a bit monotonous and diets can certainly fade when we hit the plateaux but somehow we do need to soldier on because it’s going to get a whole lot more fabulous on the other-side!

We’ve decided that this is the Year of Celebration. This started when the old Cavern Cycad, which has been dormant for 10 years, decided to sprout again. This ancient plant is feeling optimistic and so should we!

To celebrate the hike, the school and the children we have decided to invite some past Royal Drakensberg pupils along for the hike. WHAT DO THEY NEED? They’ll need hiking shoes, sponsors for their hiking funds and a whole lot of encouragement as we hike the hills. Some may opt for the Little5Hike while others will take on the big challenge.

To celebrate the peaks, we still need Corporates to come on board to sponsor the peaks. R25 000 gets a mountain. We hope 100 hikers will be photographing their achievements as we pass and tick each peak off. Not to mention the Cannibal picnic spot which will host the big burger fry up and bubbles galore!

To celebrate the day, we already have wine merchants offering a great selection for the final celebration at the Total Gateway Home Coming Party.

But there will be a little bit of change. Sadly Moya will be hanging up her Big5Hike boots this year and handing the baton on to Zinga who will be raising her own funds for 2019. Moya has been a solid champ but those hind quarters are starting to trouble her so Zinga will continue the tradition, possibly with Gus (the springer spaniel) hot on her heels!

For those of you that are feeling like it’s a bit of a plateaux here are a couple of things that may get you gripped, captivated, absorbed and maybe even enchanted:

  1. Join Lindsay, a.k.a. Drak Runner, and do the Big5Hike twice, starting firstly in reverse and then joining the crowd on Round 2.
  2. Raise R15000 for your hike and our Wine Merchants will make sure you get a gorgeous bottle of something for being such a champ!
  3. Sponsor our Royal Drak children and help them give back to their beginnings
  4. Sponsor the hound, Zinga!
    Any contributions of R250 or more will enter you into a draw to win 3 nights in a superior suite for 2 adults sharing plus 2x 60 minute full body massages and 2 bottles of wine on arrival.

Here’s to celebrating the plateaux and making 2019 count!

Blessings always,

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