Hope Springs…

Just recently it feels as though we have been bombarded with bad news. So many challenges appear on the horizon; a recession as our economy shrinks, unemployment on the rise and our gorgeous landscapes littered with trash. But, it’s Spring and it is the season of renewal and new energy and hope. How does one remain up-beat when things are seemingly failing? We have to look for the good. It may mean searching a bit harder but there is no-doubt much good.

Litter in our area really does worry me. It’s a small thing in the big picture but I hate it when the landscape looks trashy. It’s like we don’t care and we couldn’t be bothered. I know that trash and littered landscapes make tourists to the area feel unsafe because it just looks like absolute chaos. I do remain grateful to our Municipality for trying hard to keep an incredibly large area clean and at times we hire a local soccer team to walk the roads and help clean up the verges. All the litter is then transported into the dump site at Bergville.

But, I also wonder how we can make litter pay. And it was when I came across an organisation on Facebook that I really wondered how we could get more of this happening in SA?

Fresh Start in Sedgefield is an organisation helping people to help themselves. It’s seems to be a very well run organisation and there is a swap shop with more than 600 registered children participating. Their aim is to empower these children to make a fresh start and step up and out of poverty. They promote an awareness of recycling and upcycling and children collect recyclable materials which they can then swap for points. These points can be used in the Fresh Start shop. Points can also be saved towards larger items. I was so delighted to see a little girl ride off on her own bicycle the other day. Just imagine the determination of saving towards this, and the work to collect and bring items in, and then that big reward for actually making it happen. Such a huge achievement for a little person!

The swap shop has second hand clothing, toys, books but also essentials like soap and toothpaste. How could we establish something similar in KZN? We have many friends and family in the Ambers and many of our guests do come from there. I often wonder if this is a project that a retirement place could get involved with?

Goodness knows that if I try and start another something I may be cut-off from the family… but, you never know. It’s in moments of quiet and boredom that little ideas come and maybe sharing this happy story will inspire someone to get involved…

We have to keep our chins up. We have to look at ways of improving things in our immediate surrounds. We need to identify the most vulnerable and we must always remember that we all have the power to make some positive changes.

Here’s to being more hopeful in Spring!

7 thoughts on “Hope Springs…”

  1. Great great idea . In a small way we have something like this in Nottingham rd .But the Sedgefield idea sounds good and well managed. So we must think and then act on this idea and see where / when / how it can be carried out here in Natal,

    1. Megan Carte Bedingham

      Glad to see that we have some more ideas to think about! Go Liesje… perhaps this can be your new Amber mission! Much love always, Megan

    1. Megan Carte Bedingham

      Isn’t it just the smartest way to clean up and uplift and educate and make such a positive change! We love it! Thanks for reading, Erika. Best wishes, Megan

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