This February marks my parents’ 48th wedding anniversary and my 20th and suddenly we realise that we must be grown up and middle aged. Add to this shock is the realisation that we have had the same jobs for almost 19 years! That’s so stable and boring and, so last year… we are not the fast movers, game changers of the future. Might we just be a bunch of boring in the hills?

Well, the only way to keep boring at bay is to keep learning and doing. Thankfully our established Cavern needs constant upgrading. It’s been a busy week and busier is yet to come. Replacing carpets now and then we’ll zhuzh up a few interiors and we will continue to tackle the dreaded job of resurfacing the driveway. We don’t really have too much time to ponder the alternatives to this Drakensberg life.

But, keeping interesting and interested is important. Having a purpose is a must. This past month we had the privilege of working with our Royal Drakensberg teachers to identify our individual strengths. And, we were able to make some firm commitments about the future. A great team effort in pledging to helping with a broader vision of improving education more effectively in our area.

It is also important to look back and join the dots. This Cavern began with a vision of leaving the world better. That was Bill Carte’s hope when he married Ruth. This month we’ve reflected on his love letter and while we might not be movers and shakers, it’s heartening to know that his 1940 vision is still playing out in our mountain home. It’s expanded and grown and it has relied on many people to prop it up, but it’s through pragmatism and steadfastness rather than flightiness and adventure that we too can achieve much.

Here’s to wrapping up the season of love and appreciation in Feb!

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