For the love of travel

On the 23rd June we welcomed the news that we were free to trade unmasked. A huge step towards a more normal feeling and functioning tourism sector. It has been hard to be welcoming with masks, somehow the smile in the eyes is not as engaging as the beam of the full face. What a relief.

And so slowly we see the world opening up and travel happening with fewer restrictions. Travel is a huge privilege. It opens eyes, it fills hearts and it makes us step out of our comfort zone. We have to discover how things work, we have to investigate our surrounds and often we are challenged. A big mountain, a route less followed or trying to choose, without feeling ripped off, the best of the wines on offer.

For us Cavernites, travel is essential. It is how we judge ourselves against the industry, it helps us get new ideas and it is a great motivator for continual improvement. So, we have eventually taken our 2020 family trip to Spain. What a treat.

Of course, there is that lurgy lurking. We are not completely free. Before we flew from SA we were a bit vague about the rules and so our double jabs weren’t sufficient. This meant Covid tests in London before we could head off. Suddenly, the holiday was in the balance and we could very well not go… hugely stressful when something from 2 years ago eventually takes place and then it might just not! This mother was tossing and turning, worrying. Having small panic attacks… Thankfully, all was good, the anxiety calmed and the excitement brewed.

Spain is warm, the people are welcoming and our stays have been both wonderful and interesting. As we move into a new space we often see the messiness, a little bit of chaos, the tired buildings, the high walls and the closed-up windows. But as we spend time, we realise that this is all necessary and beautiful. The tall walls and closed up houses are cool in the heavy heat, the oldness holds a story and taking time to discover the hidden gems is absolutely wonderous. The alley ways light up and the old town streets are filled with shops and restaurants and gorgeous ancient buildings. It’s festive. The flowers bloom bright and there is a vibrancy that is contagious.

Holidays and travel are simply lovely. Hopefully restrictions will ease more and mask-free we will roam the globe or discover a little more in our own backyards.

Here’s to very happy holidays!

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