Cavern Birds – Status and Abundance

Status codes

B = Breeding resident – present all year; known or presumed to breed.

P = Palaearctic migrant – non-breeding summer visitor; breeds during the northern summer in Europe and Asia: typically present November-March.

T = Tropical migrant – breeding summer visitor; winters in tropical Africa: typically present September-April.

A = Altitudinal migrant – non-breeding winter visitor; breeds at higher altitudes in KwaZulu-Natal: typically present May-August.

N = Nomad – visits irregularly, sometimes in large numbers, in response to specific environmental cues. May breed.

V = Vagrant – one-off or occasional visitor outside its normal range.

E = Endemic to South Africa.

e = Endemic to southern Africa.

Abundance and status codes pertain locally: for example species considered common within the main part of their range may be rare or vagrant here.

Abundance codes

C = Common – always present, seen regularly.

U = Uncommon – usually present, but not necessarily found on the day.

R = Rare – numerically few, hard to find.

Nomads and vagrants do not get an abundance code.

Coqui FrancolinBR
Grey-winged FrancolinBR
Red-winged FrancolinBC
Red-necked SpurfowlBU
Swainson’s SpurfowlBU
Common QuailTR
Helmeted GuineafowlBU
Egyptian GooseBC
African Black DuckBU
Yellow-billed DuckBR
Greater HoneyguideBU
Lesser HoneyguideBU
Brown-backed HoneybirdBU
Red-throated WryneckBU
Golden-tailed WoodpeckerBC
Ground WoodpeckerBER
Cardinal WoodpeckerBC
Olive WoodpeckerBU
Black-collared BarbetBC
Crested BarbetBU
Southern Ground-HornbillBR
African HoopoeBC
Green Wood-HoopoeBC
Half-collared KingfisherBC
Malachite KingfisherBU
Grey-headed KingfisherV
Brown-hooded KingfisherBC
Giant KingfisherBC
Pied KingfisherV
Speckled MousebirdBC
Jacobin CuckooTC
Red-chested CuckooTC
Black CuckooTC
Klaas’s CuckooTC
Diderick CuckooTC
Alpine SwiftBU
Common SwiftPU
African Black SwiftBC
Little SwiftTU
Horus SwiftTR
White-rumped SwiftTC
African Wood-OwlBU
Marsh OwlBR
Fiery-necked NightjarTR
Freckled NightjarBR
Speckled PigeonBC
African Olive-PigeonBC
Lemon DoveBU
Laughing DoveBC
Cape Turtle-DoveBC
Red-eyed DoveBC
Namaqua DoveV
Denham’s BustardBR
Buff-spotted FlufftailBU
Common MoorhenV
Common GreenshankPR
Spotted Thick-kneeBR
Blacksmith LapwingBU
African Cuckoo HawkBR
Black-shouldered KiteBU
Yellow-billed KiteTU
African Fish-EagleV
Cape VultureBeU
African Harrier-HawkBC
African GoshawkBC
Little SparrowhawkBU
Rufous-chested SparrowhawkBR
Black SparrowhawkBR
Steppe BuzzardPC
Forest BuzzardBR
Jackal BuzzardBeC
Verreaux’s EagleBR
Martial EagleBR
Long-crested EagleV
African Crowned EagleBR
Rock KestrelBU
Amur FalconPU
Lanner FalconBU
Peregrine FalconBR
Little GrebeBC
African DarterBU
Reed CormorantBC
White-breasted CormorantV
Grey HeronBU
Black-headed HeronBC
Goliath HeronV
Black-crowned Night-HeronV
Cattle EgretBU
Little BitternPR
Hadeda IbisBC
Southern Bald IbisBEU
African Sacred IbisBR
 African SpoonbillV
Black StorkBR
White StorkPU
Fork-tailed DrongoBC
Fairy FlycatcherAeU
African Paradise-FlycatcherTC
Black-backed PuffbackBC
 Black-crowned TchagraBR
Southern TchagraBER
Southern BoubouBeC
Olive Bush-ShrikeBC
Cape BatisBeC
Cape CrowBC
Pied CrowBU
White-necked RavenBC
Common FiscalBC
Grey CuckooshrikeBR
Black CuckooshrikeBR
Southern Black TitBC
Brown-throated MartinBU
Barn SwallowPC
White-throated SwallowTC
Greater Striped SwallowTC
Rock MartinBU
Common House-MartinPU
Black Saw-wingBC
Dark-capped BulbulBC
Terrestrial BrownbulBU
Barratt’s WarblerBeU
Cape GrassbirdBeC
 African Reed-WarblerTR
Lesser Swamp-WarblerBR
Long-billed CrombecBR
Yellow-throated Woodland-WarblerBC
Willow WarblerPU
Broad-tailed WarblerBR
Arrow-marked BabblerBC
Bush BlackcapBEC
Cape White-eyeBeC
Lazy CisticolaBC
Wailing CisticolaBC
Levaillant’s CisticolaBC
Zitting CisticolaBC
Wing-snapping CisticolaBU
Drakensberg PriniaBEC
Bar-throated ApalisBC
Rufous-naped LarkBU
Cape Rock-ThrushBEC
Sentinel Rock-ThrushAER
Groundscraper ThrushBC
Olive ThrushBC
 Karoo ThrushV
Southern Black FlycatcherBC
Fiscal FlycatcherBEC
Spotted FlycatcherPU
African Dusky FlycatcherBC
White-starred RobinBR
Cape Robin-ChatBC
Chorister Robin-ChatBEC
African StonechatBC
Buff-streaked ChatAEU
Mountain WheatearBeR
Familiar ChatBC
Anteating ChatBeR
Mocking Cliff-ChatBU
Red-winged StarlingBC
Cape Glossy StarlingBC
Violet-backed StarlingTU
Pied StarlingBEU
Common MynaV
Red-billed OxpeckerV
Amethyst SunbirdBC
Malachite SunbirdBC
Southern Double-collared SunbirdBEU
Greater Double-collared Sunbird  BEC
Gurney’s SugarbirdBeU
Spectacled WeaverBR
Cape WeaverBEC
Southern Masked-WeaverBC
Red-billed QueleaN
Yellow-crowned BishopBR
Southern Red BishopBU
Yellow BishopBC
Fan-tailed WidowbirdBU
Red-collared WidowbirdBC
Long-tailed WidowbirdBR
African FirefinchBU
Swee WaxbillBEC
Common WaxbillBC
Orange-breasted WaxbillBR
African QuailfinchBR
Bronze MannikinV
Dusky IndigobirdBU
Pin-tailed WhydahBC
House SparrowBC
Southern Grey-headed SparrowBC
Cape WagtailBC
Mountain WagtailBU
Cape LongclawBeU
African Rock PipitVE
African PipitBC
Plain-backed PipitBR
Long-billed PipitBU
Cape CanaryBC
Forest CanaryBEC
Yellow-fronted CanaryBC
Yellow CanaryAeR
Brimstone CanaryBU
Streaky-headed SeedeaterBC
Cinnamon-breasted BuntingBR
Golden-breasted BuntingBC


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