Status codes

B = Breeding resident – present all year; known or presumed to breed.

P = Palaearctic migrant – non-breeding summer visitor; breeds during the northern summer in Europe and Asia: typically present November-March.

T = Tropical migrant – breeding summer visitor; winters in tropical Africa: typically present September-April.

A = Altitudinal migrant – non-breeding winter visitor; breeds at higher altitudes in KwaZulu-Natal: typically present May-August.

N = Nomad – visits irregularly, sometimes in large numbers, in response to specific environmental cues. May breed.

V = Vagrant – one-off or occasional visitor outside its normal range.

E = Endemic to South Africa.

e = Endemic to southern Africa.

Abundance and status codes pertain locally: for example species considered common within the main part of their range may be rare or vagrant here.

Abundance codes

C = Common – always present, seen regularly.

U = Uncommon – usually present, but not necessarily found on the day.

R = Rare – numerically few, hard to find.

Nomads and vagrants do not get an abundance code.

Coqui Francolin B R
Grey-winged Francolin B R
Red-winged Francolin B C
Red-necked Spurfowl B U
Swainson’s Spurfowl B U
Common Quail T R
Helmeted Guineafowl B U
Egyptian Goose B C
African Black Duck B U
Yellow-billed Duck B R
Greater Honeyguide B U
Lesser Honeyguide B U
Brown-backed Honeybird B U
Red-throated Wryneck B U
Golden-tailed Woodpecker B C
Ground Woodpecker BE R
Cardinal Woodpecker B C
Olive Woodpecker B U
Black-collared Barbet B C
Crested Barbet B U
Southern Ground-Hornbill B R
African Hoopoe B C
Green Wood-Hoopoe B C
Half-collared Kingfisher B C
Malachite Kingfisher B U
Grey-headed Kingfisher V
Brown-hooded Kingfisher B C
Giant Kingfisher B C
Pied Kingfisher V
Speckled Mousebird B C
Jacobin Cuckoo T C
Red-chested Cuckoo T C
Black Cuckoo T C
Klaas’s Cuckoo T C
Diderick Cuckoo T C
Alpine Swift B U
Common Swift P U
African Black Swift B C
Little Swift T U
Horus Swift T R
White-rumped Swift T C
African Wood-Owl B U
Marsh Owl B R
Fiery-necked Nightjar T R
Freckled Nightjar B R
Speckled Pigeon B C
African Olive-Pigeon B C
Lemon Dove B U
Laughing Dove B C
Cape Turtle-Dove B C
Red-eyed Dove B C
Namaqua Dove V
Denham’s Bustard B R
Buff-spotted Flufftail B U
Common Moorhen V
Common Greenshank P R
Spotted Thick-knee B R
Blacksmith Lapwing B U
African Cuckoo Hawk B R
Black-shouldered Kite B U
Yellow-billed Kite T U
African Fish-Eagle V
Lammergeier B R
Cape Vulture Be U
African Harrier-Hawk B C
African Goshawk B C
Little Sparrowhawk B U
Rufous-chested Sparrowhawk B R
Black Sparrowhawk B R
Steppe Buzzard P C
Forest Buzzard B R
Jackal Buzzard Be C
Verreaux’s Eagle B R
Martial Eagle B R
Long-crested Eagle V
African Crowned Eagle B R
Secretarybird B U
Rock Kestrel B U
Amur Falcon P U
Lanner Falcon B U
Peregrine Falcon B R
Little Grebe B C
African Darter B U
Reed Cormorant B C
White-breasted Cormorant V
Grey Heron B U
Black-headed Heron B C
Goliath Heron V
Black-crowned Night-Heron V
Cattle Egret B U
Little Bittern P R
Hamerkop B C
Hadeda Ibis B C
Southern Bald Ibis BE U
African Sacred Ibis B R
 African Spoonbill V
Black Stork B R
White Stork P U
Fork-tailed Drongo B C
Fairy Flycatcher Ae U
African Paradise-Flycatcher T C
Black-backed Puffback B C
 Black-crowned Tchagra B R
Southern Tchagra BE R
Southern Boubou Be C
Bokmakierie Be U
Olive Bush-Shrike B C
Cape Batis Be C
Cape Crow B C
Pied Crow B U
White-necked Raven B C
Common Fiscal B C
Grey Cuckooshrike B R
Black Cuckooshrike B R
Southern Black Tit B C
Brown-throated Martin B U
Barn Swallow P C
White-throated Swallow T C
Greater Striped Swallow T C
Rock Martin B U
Common House-Martin P U
Black Saw-wing B C
Dark-capped Bulbul B C
Terrestrial Brownbul B U
Barratt’s Warbler Be U
Cape Grassbird Be C
 African Reed-Warbler T R
Lesser Swamp-Warbler B R
Long-billed Crombec B R
Yellow-throated Woodland-Warbler B C
Willow Warbler P U
Broad-tailed Warbler B R
Arrow-marked Babbler B C
Bush Blackcap BE C
Cape White-eye Be C
Lazy Cisticola B C
Wailing Cisticola B C
Levaillant’s Cisticola B C
Neddicky B C
Zitting Cisticola B C
Wing-snapping Cisticola B U
Drakensberg Prinia BE C
Bar-throated Apalis B C
Rufous-naped Lark B U
Cape Rock-Thrush BE C
Sentinel Rock-Thrush AE R
Groundscraper Thrush B C
Olive Thrush B C
 Karoo Thrush V
Southern Black Flycatcher B C
Fiscal Flycatcher BE C
Spotted Flycatcher P U
African Dusky Flycatcher B C
White-starred Robin B R
Cape Robin-Chat B C
Chorister Robin-Chat BE C
African Stonechat B C
Buff-streaked Chat AE U
Mountain Wheatear Be R
Familiar Chat B C
Anteating Chat Be R
Mocking Cliff-Chat B U
Red-winged Starling B C
Cape Glossy Starling B C
Violet-backed Starling T U
Pied Starling BE U
Common Myna V
Red-billed Oxpecker V
Amethyst Sunbird B C
Malachite Sunbird B C
Southern Double-collared Sunbird BE U
Greater Double-collared Sunbird  BE C
Gurney’s Sugarbird Be U
Spectacled Weaver B R
Cape Weaver BE C
Southern Masked-Weaver B C
Red-billed Quelea N
Yellow-crowned Bishop B R
Southern Red Bishop B U
Yellow Bishop B C
Fan-tailed Widowbird B U
Red-collared Widowbird B C
Long-tailed Widowbird B R
African Firefinch B U
Swee Waxbill BE C
Common Waxbill B C
Orange-breasted Waxbill B R
African Quailfinch B R
Bronze Mannikin V
Dusky Indigobird B U
Pin-tailed Whydah B C
House Sparrow B C
Southern Grey-headed Sparrow B C
Cape Wagtail B C
Mountain Wagtail B U
Cape Longclaw Be U
African Rock Pipit VE
African Pipit B C
Plain-backed Pipit B R
Long-billed Pipit B U
Cape Canary B C
Forest Canary BE C
Yellow-fronted Canary B C
Yellow Canary Ae R
Brimstone Canary B U
Streaky-headed Seedeater B C
Cinnamon-breasted Bunting B R
Golden-breasted Bunting B C


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