Blooming beautiful

It’s been a hectically busy few weeks taking on many more commitments than we should but Drakensberg living is a little bit like that – we become the Jack of all trades and the masters of very few! This keeps life busy and interesting and possibly best is that it is very fulfilling. Keeping busy keeps us away from the negative narratives and while we try to keep up-to-date with the happenings in RSA we don’t dwell on the things we cannot change.

This morning was the perfect morning for a hike. We had decided to go early to fit into the matric prelim exam-learning schedule and departed into the fresh morning air at around 7am. Already there were guests out and about… off on a trail run. These mountains call and have space for so much doing!

We began towards Lone Rock but then decided to head the other way around and so we ambled towards TV Ridge, taking in a drink at the water supply, gorgeously fresh and tasty. Mountain water is pure gold and although it has been dry for a period, it still oozes out of the mountain side. Along the contour we came across 3 eland, large, majestic creatures that scale a fence with the graciousness of a dancer. We then headed up to the next level.

Our plan was to reach the Eland Contour, below Cannibal Cavern, and the mission of the morning was to find the Natal Mountain Bottlebrush – Greyia sutherlandi. One of our favourite trees. They are scraggly and unique. They grow out of the rough, often close to rocks which must protect their root systems and help with a good water supply. They survive the regular veld fires and each Spring they produce the most brilliant blooms. Bright red bottle brushes! Stunning.

Today we were expecting an abundant show along the Eland Contour… but, as is in life, some were blooming while others were not. It is something that we notice often here at The Cavern. Our proteas also bloom when they are ready, not really making a big show all at the same time. They flower in the summer months, each season a bit different to the one before.

Walking home, taking in the surrounds and having the opportunity to let thoughts run…. nature often reflects life. We all bloom at different times, in our own ways and no matter how scraggly, there is always beauty to behold.

So, within the busyness of life, and the challenges that surround, may we all take time in nature to absorb her beauty. It has a way of restoring us all.

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