The Crack and Mudslide

TIME: 5½ hours.
DISTANCE: 11 km.
TERRAIN: Undulating path with steep and slippery sections and chain ladders, and is not suitable for small children or those with a fear of heights.

From Goodoo Bush continue up the valley for another 1.2 km, where a path will be seen leading towards The Crack. The climb is very steep, but a short chain ladder helps one over the most difficult section. On reaching the top, bear right onto the high ground overlooking the Mahai valley. Make straight for the top of Goodoo Falls, where an easy crossing of the stream can be made 50 metres upstream. This is a good swimming and picnic spot. Directions are hardly needed for scaling Plowman’s Kop, from which there is a magnificent view. Return down The Mudslide. This starts beyond the far corner of Plowman’s Kop. The descent is steep and loose, and slippery after rain. Use the short chain ladder. At the foot of the cleft follow the main path round to the right until it joins the path leading back to the visitor centre.

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