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NOW that the school holidays are over, Mrs Williams in Gr 4 at Malhurst Primary set her children the traditional task of writing about their holiday. Belinda Tamsen snatched up her pen and Mrs Williams knew that more secrets of the Tamsen family were about to be revealed. My Crismus Holliday By Belinda Tamsen (Gr 4) We went to the Cavinberg in the Drakinsberg mowntins again becors my mummy lieks to go on warks in the mowntins all-tho my daddy dussint. He liek to go owt on his mowntin biek but he dussint go in the mowntins he just go on the tar rode. And he dussint go verry far becaws it is up hill orl the way back and he is not verry fit becaws my mummy say he has to menny bizniss lunches.

Orfter breckfis we orl gather on the lorn with owr hiking sticks to clime to Ecko Cave and daddy came to see us off.

There was som bewtiful ladys with brown legs and little shorts goin on the wark. Daddy suddinly deside to go with us.

A little way up the mowntin he was panting and he say look at all those red biship birds! An we orl look but we didernt see ennythink.

O no, he say, they are not red biship birds orfter orl – they are red spots in front of my ize!

The gide say he better rest an we orl wait for him to stop panting then we set off but he keep stopping and panting. Then he say we must orl go on and leev him to die by hisself. Mie mummy say this is a sensibul sud-jeston becors uther wize we never get to the cave. Nest day he hobbel arown groning. One nite we orl play beetel drive an daddy coodernt thro a six to start but a littl boy at the nest tabel showt BEETEL! and win R20 and my daddy sae wot a cheet.

We storted again and a lady showt BEETEL! And my daddy say it is unpossibel and he say he only man-itch to draw 2 bluddy legs and a bluddy tail on his beetel.

Nest nite we play pic-shunry. You hav to draw somthink and everry body has to gess wot it is. I like pic-shunry and owr teem – my mummy and me and my frends Tammy and Clair – win a box of choklits.

I was given Titannic to draw. It is a film so I jus draw a big ship with only its nose sticking owta the sea and everry body gessed. Daddy was given an-other film corld Free Willy to draw and he drew a verry rood pick-cher and the boys teem gessed strait away an lorf and lorf and my mummy say disgustin.

On Crismuss day Father Crismuss came in a Lan-rover with a bewtifull Crismuss ferry and Santa say ho ho ho and my little brutha wet hisself.

Suddinly the ferry cawl my bruthas name owt an he sat on Father Crismussis nee and Father Christmas just say ho and look at his knee witch was all wet. Then my brutha sit on the ferrys nee and that wiped the smile offer face I can tell you.

Then we went back to ow room 2 unrap owr presents and I gotta doll and a book and a lot of otha things and my little brutha gotta a bewgel from my ornt edith in Ramsgate who daddy cornt stand.

And he blow and blow it like ennythink and mummy showt whoo bort him that for hevvins sake. Daddy say ornty edith and mummy hadda lot to say abowt that.

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