Little Hut

TIME: 4 hours.
TERRAIN: Undulating path with steep slopes and scrambles.
Take the main Sugar Loaf Gap. After the second plateau the path flattens. At the base of the final steep slope, just before the rock face, look for a route across to the left. This leads towards a very large rounded rock that forms a corner point of the main escarpment. Bundu-bash to this rock where, at about eye level, but quite well concealed, is a Bushman painting – The Little Buck. Proceed left, keeping to the level of the base of the main escarpment. Cross a small wooded area; water is available here.

Beyond this is the Little Hut, so called because, if viewed from below, the shape of a thatched roof on the walls of a hut is apparent. In fact the “hut” is formed by a large portion of the rock face calving away from the escarpment, creating a concealed cave behind. A large mountain cypress grows here. This is quite a rare Berg tree, and only grows where fire cannot reach it. At the open south end of the Little Hut a route leads up through Mills Gap – a fault in the rock face. This emerges directly below Sugar Loaf. Walkers planning to return this way must take careful note of the position of the gap; it is not easily seen from above.

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