Khanyisela Project and Royal Drakensberg Primary School

We believe that the only way to make a real contribution to our community is through education and The Cavern family has long been involved in providing aid to schools, crèches and communities in the Amazizi area. Together with donations and assistance from other resorts, guests, friends and businesses, we hope to give the local children a sound foundation for future learning.

We support 10 crèches in the Amazizi Village by providing porridge for each child daily, organising teacher training and teacher workshops, and by purchasing educational equipment and games. We have also helped with on-going maintenance of school facilities.

In addition to the crèche project we have helped establish an independent school just 500m from the Cavern. At the turn-off to Sungubala, there stood a roofless sandstone barn. Built with blocks from the surrounding hills, this lovely old building had stood empty for many a year. It has emerged as our beautiful new primary school – The Royal Drakensberg Primary School. Standing proud and glowing in the sun, this double-storey thatched building looks out over the valley it hopes to serve.

There is a great need for holistic education of a world class standard in our area. Conditions in these rural areas are poor and the teachers lack resources and infrastructure. We feel that an established private school, which is properly staffed and managed, will go a long way to giving children the necessary grounding to reach their maximum potential.

Providing children with an excellent foundation will help them to gain access to good secondary schools in kwaZulu Natal and so give them a chance to excel in life. Hopefully they will then be able and willing to give back in some way to the community in which they grew up.

The other important role that Royal Drakensberg Primary plays in education in the whole area is that it serves as a model of what is possible. Often as more and more people become aware of how a situation should be, they become less inclined to accept a poor standard for themselves. If parents and teachers in the area can see what is possible, they may strive to attain a similar standard in their own situations. The Royal Drakensberg Primary School staff is involved in out-reach training for teachers from the local schools where they share ideas and resources aimed at providing a higher quality of education for all.

If you would like to know more about this exciting project, pop down to see it all in action. If you would like any more details on our projects, please pop into Reception during your next visit.

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