Here we go again…

It’s March the first and I have had an idea. Ideas are scary things in our house because it always means a bit more work. My husband often asks me to just keep quiet and my family will frequently roll their eyes… and I have to admit that I’m rather scared of my own brain and where it takes me… Deep in the dark of night is when it seems to hatch many a fantastic plan.

The problem is: we started a school, we support a wonderful charity and we have so many people that have come to depend on us. Terrifying when economies are dragging their heels and one can’t actually see how it will ultimately be sustainable. Does it matter? Well, from one year to the next, we make ends meet so why panic? I suppose as we get older and think about retirement and serious stuff we know that we do need to work more to a plan than just rely on some good people and more good luck…

So out of a bit of worry comes the call for a bit of action. What do we do? It’s 5 years since I turned 40 so why not do another 40 days just to highlight a journey and possibly gather some new interest? Trouble is, 5 years on, we have 3 children at boarding school, and life seems more hectic than ever. We seem to spend more time on the N3 than anywhere and we are constantly chasing children and their commitments. Life as teens’ parents is hectic! Not to mention a small hotel and its needs.

But, our plan is to keep things simple. Start on Wednesday which is the beginning of Lent. Lent is a season – give something up, take something on and pray. In a world of busyness a little quiet and reflection is a good thing. How we all long to be still. We will take up 40 days on Strava and we will have to think about what we give up. The 40 day rule will be no less than 4km OR no less than 40 minutes. No giant plan but just up and about, hopefully showcasing some awesome trails and showing the world what’s happening in our community.

In our community we are building a continuum for growth, from birth to school. Starting with BabyBoost to our Khanyisela Pre-School Project incorporating Royal Drakensberg School with teacher training and mentoring. There is much on the go. Why do we bother? Well, time and time again we read about Early Childhood Development. The investment means exponential growth and improvement for communities. If you need to be convinced just watch the DG Murray Trust’s video clip –

We can save our nation, one child at a time.

In times of great anxiety, when we feel a nudge, it’s probably best just to get on and do. Here’s to 40 days. Starting Wednesday. See you on Strava. Updates on Facebook.

Sjoe, wish us luck!

2 thoughts on “Here we go again…”

  1. Would you mind if I try and paint your photo of the child wearing Touchdown and the one wearing Love it. I don’t know when I would do it but such lovely natural photos.

    1. Megan Carte Bedingham

      Good morning Glen. Many thanks for the email. While we do have consent to share photos to raise valuable funds for our projects I think we would need consent for you to paint images of these children. I will need to make enquiries.
      With our best wishes,

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