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There is no question about the fact that we are Hill Billies. We do try to put on our town attire when we head out. We keep our shoulders back and walk tall as we head into the bustling streets but sometimes the fancifulness of the big smoke outsmarts us all.

A while back, we did a Cape tour and decided it was time to check out all the very best food destinations and just see if there was any way to up our game. Even in just a small way. It’s important to see what the best are doing and how they carry it off. We did have some fabulous meals and truly exceptional experiences but it was quite tough going.

One night we arrived at the most swish destination and we were to indulge in 7 courses of excellence, paired with only the very best wines. It wasn’t cheap but this was more than just a menu. It was an evening of pure indulgence. Now, the hill billy was suppressed but certainly still present… it was important to get your money’s worth. So, bubbles to begin and tasty starters, followed by wine with each course. Every drop was drunk and every morsel consumed. There was dust and shavings, ingredients were exotic and servings were creatively presented with desserts even popping out of bags… whew! What a night. We woke the next morning a tad glazed and bloated! Too much of everything!

After that experience I have always been grateful for our smaller Cavern portions, fairly wholesome fare and good value wines from our Underground Cellar. And, the experience made me a little more terrified of the foodies about! But, truth be told, our Cavern Chefs have raised the bar.

Recently we had a couple of great photographers in-house. They are forever wanting to show-case our food but I’m always reluctant and turn them down. We just aren’t foodies and we don’t want to be a primarily foodie destination. We’d rather people arrive and be pleasantly surprised… But, sometimes one does need to venture out of the comfort zone.

Donald and Munye, our Head Chefs, supported by Thabo and Collen, and an incredible team have worked hard to present good food, three times a day, to about 140 adults during our busy times. It’s a tall order but they continue to create and present beautiful meals. And, so it’s time to showcase their excellent work.

Special thanks to Grant Pitcher and Matt Wilkes for nudging us once more! They have elegantly captured dining at The Cavern.

Here’s to great meals, good company and awesome holiday times!

13 thoughts on “Food for thought”

  1. We celebrated my husband’s 70th birthday at the Cavern in September with 13 family members and were blown away by the attention to detail – from the delicious iced chocolate cake that we ordered, to the beautifully decorated table on his birthday, and Happy Birthday message written on his dessert plate! If that wasn’t enough, one of our party was vegan and she was given her own menu to choose from. I have been going to the Cavern since I was 12 and the menu never disappoints!

    1. Megan Carte Bedingham

      Dear Clare
      It’s just wonderful reading your comment. Our team certainly do like to make special milestones memorable and we are so pleased you had a fabulous gathering.
      We do look forward to welcoming you again.
      Best wishes from us all,

  2. John & Christine Snell

    We have been visiting SA from the UK every year since 2008 and The Cavern is always on our itinerary, this year being our 13th visit. It is the one week of our holiday that we have never contemplated changing as everything is always wonderful.

    1. Megan Carte Bedingham

      Dear John & Christine
      We are so pleased that you keep coming back! And, we do look forward to your next stay!
      Our best wishes always,
      Megan & the team

  3. Stephanie Haahjem

    I first went to The Cavern in about 1964, again in 1974 and then this year, 2019. The food has always been wholesome and utterly delicious. But this year, I was amazed at the sophistication, variety, quality and tastiness of every meal! I have to congratulate the chefs and all kitchen staff on serving top quality meals 3 times a day every day-also fabulous biscuits and cakes at tea-times!

    1. Megan Carte Bedingham

      Many thanks, Stephanie.
      Just lovely reading your comments. Our team will be thrilled with the feedback.
      Our best wishes,

    1. Megan Carte Bedingham

      Thanks, Janet.
      Thank goodness for the hills and the hikes! I’m sure it makes the meals even more enjoyable and scrumptious!

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