Esse Is A Yes

Our Forest Retreat Spa is one of our favourite spaces at The Cavern; we find ourselves many an afternoon practising quality control, particularly on the massage menu.

One friend who is well ‘spa’ travelled informed us, they have never experienced such a relaxing facial in all the earth as at The Cavern. And her husband ensures his massage booking is placed two weeks before arrival, as not to miss out.

Back in 2019, we sought out an organic skincare range to include in our Forest Retreat. Our mission at The Cavern is to purchase as responsibly and carbon-efficient as possible. Hence, soon after discovering the ESSE range, we tested its skin prowess across our broad family age and skin types. The earthy aromas on our now radiant skins are a win. What a fabulous find the ESSE range has proven to be. Not only an organic range with a responsible ethos, furthermore they are a proudly KZN product. One that is based in Richmond, the very place our Grandparents farmed at before creating and settling at The Cavern eighty years ago.

Esse Rocks Winter

We struggle with the Drakensberg winters’ effect on our skin; rosy cheeks and dehydrated zones. And so, with two years of testing the wonders of ESSE, we are super excited to let you know; across our family’s variant skin types, the results proved successful with glowing skin you want to show off, not cover up!

Thank you Esse! They have gifted us with a cream mask, cocoa exfoliator and a repair oil to give to you! An absolute must enter to get your skin winter ready!

Introducing Esse

ESSE means to be in Latin. Back in 2000, Trevor Steyn, founder of ESSE began research on the African Sausage Tree. Two years later the brand was born, establishing itself in the organic skincare market. In 2009 the company moved into the probiotic skincare range. And today, you can purchase Esse with the knowledge that you are feeding your skin with probiotic nutrients, using rapidly biodegradable foaming agents with mild preservatives. ESSE avoids polluting the skin ecosystem and has been certified organic by Ecocert.

Esse Helps

Esse is committed to protecting our oceans with every product they sell. And therefore have partnered with CleanHub and have gone plastic neutral. You can read more on their partnership here: Cleanhub

‘We work closely with the people that supply the raw ingredients and who practice fair-trade practices. Ensuring sustainability and upliftment for these remote communities. A joint partnership created between Esse and the Kunene Conservancies Indigenous Natural Products Trust in a Nagoya-compliant agreement. This allows the twelve tribes of the Kunene to share-in profits from the sale of Esse products that utilise Myrothamnus extract. Extensive studies have shown the sustainability of the wild-harvest of Resurrection plants in the Kunene region of Namibia. With continued monitoring, a healthy and sustainable plant population will sustain in the wild’, mentions Esse.

Real Life Reviews

Repair Oil: Jolandi – May 27, 2020
Great for scars. My son got nipped by a dog that left a nasty scar on his cheek. The scar vanished as I used the repair oil. A wonderful product.

Cream Mask Review: Tanya – February 14, 2018
Radiance in a Jar. A great mask to use after exfoliating, I leave it on overnight for those special occasions. My skin feels silky smooth, plump and visibly brighter.

Cocoa Exfoliator Review: Caitlin – May 8, 2020.
WOW – Must have product This is a product I cannot live without. My skin is left feeling soft and polished, ready for my probiotic serum. 11/10 !!!

Go Out And Buy

ESSE is available throughout South Africa, including a concept store at the Ballito Lifestyle Centre. Should you be reading this blog from over-the-sea, you too can find this natural, vegan, organic, cruelty-free range in over 40 countries worldwide. ESSE is so successful overseas, Sweden and Norway have ranked the ESSE brand within their top 3 professional skincare brands.

Our Forest Retreat is such a delight! Get your treatment booking in early and experience the probiotic goodness of Esse on your skin!

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