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In the beginning of July we took a gap and decided to reopen business. It was far safer to remain closed but thought it best to act because we have 100 staff members that are reliant on this business for their livelihoods. Sadly, leisure travel was subsequently disallowed and so we have had to lock up once more. It’s been hard trying to remain positive but it is possibly about looking a little bit further and about getting involved.

So on Wednesday we went to Bergville to participate in a nationwide peaceful roadside human chain, voicing our concerns and what was so wonderful was the support from our team. They made the effort to leave the safe confines of home in amaZizi and joined us to make a stand. We are in this together, we are fighting for our livelihoods and our industry. Save tourism, save jobs! As we packed up and headed home we wondered if we made any impression but choosing to rather do nothing is certainly not an option.

Wednesday rolled into Thursday and it was time to visit a few small pre-schools in the amaZizi district and drop off some wonderful donations. The self-employed women who run these ECD centres rely on small fees from rural parents which makes up their income. They have no Government support, they eke out a living by working in the community. They keep hundreds of small children safe while parents are at work and they inspire us with their determination and fortitude.

Incidentally, I also had the opportunity of being interviewed by Natalia Rosa and as we ended we both remarked on how hard it is to have businesses because the responsibility of those we employ hangs heavy on our hearts in times like these. Natalia said how inspired she’d been by those she’d had the opportunity to chat to. If we stop, we see that we are surrounded by remarkable women who do just that, they inspire.

So Friday dawned and off Gogo and I drove to the far reaches of the Busingatha Valley to drop off more supplies. As we arrived at Samukelokuhle Crèche, there was Gabusile and her team, tape measure in-hand, measuring out the safe distances for the children. They marked the spots with Lego pieces and later they would be replaced with large painted river rocks to help the children socially distance while we ride this pandemic out. Her classroom was all organised, her teachers ready and she was getting the protocols safely in place so that she can safely open.

It’s inspiring that in times of great challenge there are still people who work determinedly and often, this is for very little gain, but for a much bigger concern, and that is the children. While parents are out, children need to be cared for and they certainly need stimulation to get their little brains growing and developing.

Here’s to inspiring one another. May we get through this tricky time safely.

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  1. Andrew Meintjes

    I am in awe of the amount of social awareness you (and the entire Carte family) show. You have the responsibility and costs of maintaining a hotel and all that goes with it and yet you are reaching out, far beyond your own boundaries, to make a difference. My wife and I are were meant to spend a second honeymoon with you this June but Covid happened and we have had to press the pause button for a year. But we are counting the days and read your posts with interest. Please keep on doing what you do so well!

    1. Megan Carte Bedingham

      Thanks so much Andrew. We really do live in the most wonderful spot, surrounded by a wonderful community that do need our support. It only happens because we get such incredible support from all our guests. We look forward to seeing you celebrate your second honeymoon in 2021! So many plans shifted but the celebrations will return once we are through the worst of this pandemic. Take care.

  2. Megan you are an inspiration. We would like to help with a donation. Could you send banking details please? Janet

    1. Megan Carte Bedingham

      Janet, thank you! We gather motivation and inspiration from all those that support us.
      There are two options for supporting at the moment:
      Our Staff – through a “gratuity” which will be paid at month-end:
      Bank: First National Bank
      Branch Code: 250655
      Account Number: 6208 0825 676
      Account Name: Cavern Drakensberg Resort
      Account Type: Current Account
      Reference Please use gratuity as your reference
      A donation to the Khanyisela Project which supports 18 pre-schools in the greater amaZizi district:
      Account Name: The Northern Drakensberg Khanyisela Project
      Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ
      Branch Code: 250655
      Account No: 6270 0256 565
      Bank: First National Bank
      Reference: Your Name
      Thank you so much! Best wishes from us all.

  3. These are the stories we need to share! Stop donations to the government and rather work with people who are selflessly caring for their communities.

    1. Megan Carte Bedingham

      Our communities definitely need the support! And, they are so grateful. Thanks Marijke.

  4. Chantal Sargent

    Megan, you are indeed an inspiration. You and your Cavern family make a difference. Your positivity and passion for what is right and what needs doing, and your endless determination inspires me. Thank you.

    1. Megan Carte Bedingham

      Thank you Chantal. We are very fortunate to be where we are and to have the oppportunity of engaging and helping in our community. It’s really a gift to us, particularly in these precarious times! And, only possible with the support of the extended Cavern community, including you!

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