TIME: 9 hours.
DISTANCE: 15 km.
TERRAIN: Very steep at times. Go with a hotel guide because the paths are not well marked.

Take the Sungubala Pass. Turn right at the gate at the top of the pass, and scramble up the steep slopes of the Sungubala Ridge. At the top, travel along the edge of the rock face, roughly following the entire Sungubala outcrop, easing around to the left towards Babangibona. Travel down the hill to the top of Stony Pass – a gate indicates the pass itself. Bypass Stony by proceeding up the hill on the other side where a vague path eases to the left. It proceeds over and around the hill, taking one within sight of Babangibona. The path eases to the right, following the fence up to the two peaks. Water can be found in the valley below the top. Return the same way.

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