#5hikes4Education Day 4

So I managed to convince my team that we’d rest on Thursday and hike again on Friday to give me one more day to fight the cold. Thankfully they agreed and much work was done in the office. This was rather a good thing since there was much to prepare before we welcomed 130 guests on Friday for #Big5Hike weekend. We have hikers and a few supporters and it promises to be a great weekend in the mountains.

And, I am very happy to report that we did another #Little5Hike this morning. It’s been a beautiful day with a bit of wind. The clouds were on the main escarpment but we had a super walk through the Echo forest, along the Eland Contour and home via Surprise Ridge. The body managed well but we did the hike at a relaxed pace.

So today, the walk was very much the same as Tuesday, but everyday has a lesson. I think today is about being grateful for good health and good friends. It was lovely having Anton and Georgie in the mix. They have been Big5Hikers from the very beginning and tomorrow they’ll do their 5th annual Big5Hike with us.

I think it’s hugely important to mention our Cavern Team and the remarkable contribution they have all been making this week. Our guides have worked hard to maintain the hiking paths and have added ladders here and there to make the route a little easier. Our Chefs and the Kitchen Team have been taking afternoon strolls to Cannibal Cavern to make sure there is charcoal and enough water to feed the crowd on Saturday. And the office has been abuzz with workers ticking lists and double checking packing; banners, cups, burger boxes, juice, powerade, backpacks, sweets, etc, etc, etc… It certainly takes a team to pull this off!

So tomorrow we hike our final hike for education and we will be doing the #Big5Hike. We have fabulous stops along the way so be sure to catch up with us on Facebook!

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