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Baby boost

I have a wonderful habit of collecting people! I am not sure what the attraction is but I seem to draw them in! So, when Marysia Nash visited the Cavern in 2015 and asked to meet with me because she […]


Hiking4Education – Big5Hike 2017

On the 20th May approximately 135 hikers took to the hills surrounding the Cavern. There were two options this time. The Big5 for those that were feeling strong and determined and the Little5 with lesser hills for the oldies and […]

Nature Notes

Birding Blog June 2017

The aloes were at their best, and so were the Gurney’s Sugarbirds and Greater Double-collared Sunbirds. Nearly all the latter were males. Where were the girls? Amethyst Sunbirds were notable for their absence, these are certainly altitudinal migrants here.


The 40-70 Hike – April 2017

If there has been one thing my old-man has been nagging us to do, it has been to climb the main berg and do a short traverse. I have always resisted. Firstly, there is the dreaded chain ladder, next there […]


Wine List

The Cavern management are passionate about wines. With the help of leading wine experts they have put together a selection to suite all budgets and tastes. Wine served by the glass is available. Wine List


Big5hike 2017 – Georgie Carter

Four years ago when Big5Hike was born we were 20 hikers and many paying guests staying at The Cavern. That year we raised R103,000 in recognition of Megan’s late grandmother Ruth’s 103rd birthday. I distinctly remember us all sitting outside […]


Birding Blog May 2017

The big game was good value. Elands in ones and twos were seen often, as were their distinctive droppings and manic damage to Buddleja bushes. Bushbuck were moving into the gardens, and a group of six mountain reedbuck posed near […]


Cavernites Chronicle | Autumn 2017

Dear Friends Easter marks a change in the seasons and we can certainly feel a nip in the air in the evenings. We have been blessed with beautiful rain this year and the streams are still flowing strongly and the […]

Nature Notes

Birding Blog April 2017

Pre-breakfast walks are never the same. We may walk roughly the same short routes, but birds move around, there’s always the hope of something different. Of course, there are favourite spots never to be missed out. Number one is “Sunshine […]


Birding Blog B March 2017

The highlight of this weekend was the return of the Fiery-necked Nightjar. It’s long been on the Cavern list without a single appearance in at least 15 years. Arguably it has the finest call of any bird in the world, […]