Birding Blog B March 2017

The highlight of this weekend was the return of the Fiery-necked Nightjar. It’s long been on the Cavern list without a single appearance in at least 15 years. Arguably it has the finest call of any bird in the world, […]


Report – The Cavern Botanical Drawing Course

by Corneel Van Wijk There is something to be said for experiencing a spurt of creativity when you are removed from your everyday surroundings. The Cavern Resort in the northern Drakensberg was such a place for me during 7 days […]

Nature Notes

Birding Blog March 2017

It’s not always what you see that is interesting – sometimes it’s what you don’t see, or don’t hear in this case! Up at the Cavern last weekend the Red-chested Cuckoo (Piet-my-vrou) was so conspicuous by its absence (if that […]


Birding Blog B February 2017

Birding weather was hot and windy, but the birds didn’t mind. Thirty-nine species in the garden before breakfast, just four short of our best ever. Included were four  kingfishers – Great, Half-collared, Malachite and Brown-hooded. Red-necked Francolins were very vocal. […]

Nature Notes

Birding Blog February 2017

We don’t look just at birds. All sorts of little creatures lurk underfoot. Bibron’s Blind Snake is one such. It’s quite common, but lives almost entirely underground, in burrows searching for small prey – especially termites. It’s completely blind, the […]


Cavernites Chronicle | Summer 2016

Dear Friends 2016 has been a year of challenges, uncertainty, tremendous fun, new adventures and a bit of consolidation. We have continued to work on upgrades at The Cavern and we are slowly getting through all 55 rooms and their […]

Nature Notes

Symbiotic bacteria

A visit to the Silent Woman is always interesting, recounting the story of Willie Chalmers to newcomers. But today there was an added attraction. A small tree on the edge of the picnic site clearing was covered in bunches of […]

Nature Notes

Robber Fly and Scarab Beetle

Lots of action in the insect world in the Drakesberg. While looking at flowers we noticed that nearly every Haplocarpha scaposa had beetles, sometimes a dozen or more, heads down, munching at pollen and nectar. The few flowers without beetles […]

Nature Notes

Birding Blog November (2) 2016

The high spot was finding a new bird for the Cavern list. Not so easy with such a well-watched place thronged for some years now by keen birders. The “first” was a Black-crowned Night Heron perched right out in the […]

Nature Notes

Birding Blog November 2016

This is the time of year when swifts and swallows are most busy. As a generalisation, swifts fly high and faster, swallows lower, slower, and are more manoeuvrable. This is very obvious at The Cavern. First thing in the morning […]