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The Cavern Drakensberg Resort will be running a most enjoyable “bridge week”. Welsh bridge international David Johnson will be your host. Please see the calendar for dates.

Free guided walks are available for those who wish to miss a session and get out into the beautiful surrounding mountains!

The course will cater, as far as possible for all standards. Even the most experienced will learn some interesting new tricks. Complete or near beginners will get the most out of it if they come as a foursome. Beginners have nothing to fear entering mixed company, this is not a lion’s den and David is very kind to beginners.

The bidding system taught is Acol. This system is by no means universal in South Africa, and guests are free to use whatever they like in play sessions. However Acol is simple to learn, with a consistent theme and because it is a natural system it is difficult to get into a hopeless mess. David will be available between sessions for anyone wanting a crash course in Acol.

There will be optional free periods so nature lovers should bring binoculars and walking shoes. The Cavern has vast acres of lovely countryside. There will be an optional early morning bird walk in the gardens each day before breakfast. Nothing on the programme is compulsory – this is your event.

On the first night you will meet in the lounge at 18h00 for a get-together and introduction. There is social bridge after dinner for anyone who wishes it.

The Workshop:

There will be two formal sessions daily, 09h30 – 12h30 and 14h30 – 17h00

The morning session will be an introduction to the week’s events and you will be able to discuss your achievements and ambitions. An interactive play session will follow from which David can observe styles and standards. This can take the form of Rubber Bridge, but David will be there to answer every question. There will be short breaks while particularly interesting hands are analysed. Tea and coffee will be served. The afternoon session will include an introduction to Duplicate Bridge for those that need it and the first round of the mini-tournament will take place.

The other sessions will begin with a formal talk on topics appropriate to the class including such subjects as:

  • Trump management
  • Communication in defence
  • Distribution
  • Leads, ducking and tempo
  • Useful conventions
  • Take-out double
  • Bidding up
  • Signals
  • Finesses, breaks and odds
  • Fourth suit forcing
  • Suit management

The rest of each session will vary between mini tournaments, supervised play, workshops and interactive analysis.

After dinner each night there will be social bridge with David in attendance to play, answer all your questions or keep out of it – as requested. On the final morning there will be a short wrap-up session.

2 thoughts on “Bridge Workshop

  1. I would like more information about the Bridge Week with David Johnson in January. prices of accommodation etc.
    Nona Maclean
    072 387 xxxx

    1. Hi Nona
      Thank you for your enquiry. The Bridge Week with David Johnson is normally a private gathering. It may be best to chat directly to David to see if this is going ahead.
      Best wishes,

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