The Cavern offers fly-fishing for Rainbow Trout in our well stocked dams.

15 thoughts on “Trout Fishing

  1. Do you have some masters to train us in trout fishing? Never did it before. You do have rods available for hiring?

  2. Hi Sanette,

    Yes we do provide all the equipment needed for fly fishing.

    We have graphite rods that you can hire to fish at any 5 of our well stocked mountain dams.

    You will have to put down a deposit of R200 which you will get back upon return.

    There is a charge of R70 for the rod hire and you will have to purchase a fishing permit which will be valid for the duration of your stay which is R80.

    Hope this information will suffice.

    Warm Regards


  3. We have booked from the 1st. what is thre best flies to use at the moment and do you have to purchase a fishing permit or is it included in the stay?

    1. Dear Jeryd

      Hope you are keeping well.

      Most of our guests are using hoppers and mrs. simpson with a beaded headed.

      You have to purchase a fishing permit from the Activities desk. It is R80.00 for the duration of your stay.

      We looking forward to welcoming you.

      Kind regards,


    1. Dear Sam

      Hope you are keeping well.

      Yes you can bring your own rod.

      Unfortunately we do not offer fly fishing lessons but we can advise you.

      Kind regards,


  4. Hi

    I’m staying in the area, do you accept visitors for fly fishing or could you suggest someone I could contact?


    Jacques Rudman

    1. Dear Jacques

      Hope you are keeping well.

      Unfortunately we do not accept day visitors for fly fishing.

      Please contact Rugged Glen on 036 438 6422, they might be able to assist you.

      Kind regards,


  5. Hi, I would like to know if you provide everything for fly fishing ? The rods, reels ? And also do you provide the tackle ?

    1. Hi Sean
      You are welcome to use a floating tube on our dams. Please just note that they are mountain dams are are not huge and they are a short walk from the hotel.
      Best wishes,

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